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Hi All,
I got a requirement to developed a OAF page. In that OAF Page we have one Submit button. When we press that button, one method will call web services and it should update the Primavera Data Base.

We developed a method in Eclipse and the data is moving successfullly from Eclipse to Primavera Data Base.

When we use the same code in our OAF we are getting error. I moved all the class files and JAR files used in Eclipse. But still getting the error.

In my method it is not calling ActivityServices. I can able to print till wsdlURL, after that my method is not calling ----> ActivityService service = new ActivityService(wsdlURL);

Please help me in this regards, as this is an urgent requirement. Below is my method calling from OAF. Error is shown below this method.

The path of source files is Eclipse : com.primavera.wsclient.demo

and my project path is : xxTmxPPrimavera.oracle.apps.xxtmx.xxTmxPPrimavera
when i run this source file individually its working from J-developer, If the source file path is com.primavera.wsclient.demo
if we change the package path of source files after moving into our j-developer to xxTmxPPrimavera.oracle.apps.xxtmx.xxTmxPPrimavera it is not calling the Activity Services.

Error we are getting currently is : oracle.xml.parser.v2.DTD cannot be cast to org.w3c.dom.Element
did google and downloaded the new JAR file(xercesImpl-2.9.1.jar) to solve this error but still getting the same error.

public boolean updateActivities(int taskId, Double remainingDuration, Date date)

System.out.println("task_id List *********"+taskId);
System.out.println("remainingDuration List *********"+remainingDuration);
System.out.println("date List *********"+date);

String url = makeHttpURLString(m_demoInfo.hostname, m_demoInfo.port, ACTIVITY_SERVICE);
System.out.println(" url *********"+url);
getOADBTransaction().writeDiagnostics(this,"url *********"+url,1);
URL wsdlURL = new URL(url);
System.out.println(" wsdlURL *********"+wsdlURL);
ActivityService service = new ActivityService(wsdlURL);
System.out.println(" service *********"+service);
ActivityPortType servicePort = service.getActivityPort();
Client client = ClientProxy.getClient(servicePort);
List<Activity> activities = new ArrayList<Activity>();
Activity act = new Activity();
ObjectFactory objFactory = new ObjectFactory()
com.primavera.ws.p6.calendar.Calendar c;

JAXBElement<Double> remainigDuration = objFactory.createActivityRemainingDuration(40.0);
GregorianCalendar gcal = new GregorianCalendar();

XMLGregorianCalendar xmlGre1 = DatatypeFactory.newInstance().newXMLGregorianCalendar("2014-05-12T19:23:45");

XMLGregorianCalendar xmlGre = DatatypeFactory.newInstance().newXMLGregorianCalendar("2014-05-13T19:23:45");
// System.out.println(xmlGre);
JAXBElement<XMLGregorianCalendar> actualStartDate = objFactory.createActivityActualStartDate(xmlGre1);

JAXBElement<XMLGregorianCalendar> actualFinishDate = objFactory.createActivityActualFinishDate(xmlGre);
System.out.println("Actual finish date"+actualFinishDate);

// act.setActualStartDate(actualStartDate);
// act.setActualFinishDate(actualFinishDate);
getOADBTransaction().writeDiagnostics(this,"Final OutPut *********"+servicePort.updateActivities(activities),1);
return servicePort.updateActivities(activities);
} catch(Exception e){
getOADBTransaction().writeDiagnostics(this,"Exception in my method"+e.getMessage(),1);
throw new OAException("e.getMessage()",OAException.INFORMATION);

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We started with the OAF Push to Primavera Search page.

1. On the search page we kept one submit button(Push To Primavera) as shown in below figure.

2. After doing search with some data when user press this button(Push To Primavera) the values from the result region "Primavera Search Details" should update in Primavera Data Base.
3. The code was developed in Eclipse and its working fine from Eclipse. From there the data is getting updating in Primavera Data Base.
4. We copied the JAR Files and Source files developed in Eclipse to our J-Developer.
4.a . If we develop a new project with the source file the code is working even from J-Developer but
4.b. when we call the same source file from our Existing Project of Push to Primavera it is not calling the Activity Services.

Did required DBA setup's .

Requesting you to know how to integrate the source files with the J-Developer and how to call Activity Services from our J-Developer and ulatimately to call the same code from OAF page.
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